Functional Medicine

Rather than looking at each system independently and going to several different “-oligists”, functional medicine looks at your body as a whole. Your doctor will analyze your test results and create an individualized program to heal your body.


Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) supports the essential life energy, Qi (chee), flowing through the body in pathways called meridians. When that flow of energy is blocked, absent, deficient, excessive, or interrupted, then health and wellbeing are disrupted leading to illness and/or pain. Acupuncture is the primary treatment used in TCM.

Soma Yoga Therapy

SomaYoga Therapy is a blend of Traditional Yoga, Therapeutics, and the Neuromuscular Re-education of Somatics. SomaYoga Therapy resolves pain and teaches new movement patterns to keep you out of the injury/pain cycle.

Energy Healing

By re-establishing the natural flow of energy, healing can take place as you to let go of blockages. This allows you to positively move forward with your journey and your life. Vickie teaches you how to connect with your energy systems so you can have a happier, healthier life.

Weight Loss Program

A personalized nutrition and lifestyle program to support a healthier you!

Renewal Program

Facing a cancer diagnosis is one of the most traumatic events imaginable. By partnering with Lake Pointe’s Renewal Program, you will be guided in how to support your ability to heal and conquer at the same time. Grounded in the latest research, Lake Pointe’s Renewal Program incorporates targeted nutritional therapies alongside conventional treatment to support your healing.

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